ZLaner silences Warzone cheating claims by dropping 38 kills with outrageous stream setup

Theo Salaun
zlaner warzone stream cheating setupYouTube, ZLaner / Activision

Like many of Call of Duty: Warzone’s biggest stars, ZLaner has been subject to a lot of hacking accusations. To shut them down, the streamer put up an extra camera, used an eye tracker, and dropped absolute bombs on Verdansk.

The CoD community is very concerned with cheating right now. That’s reasonable, as the title’s battle royale has become littered with obvious hackers in recent weeks. What’s perhaps less reasonable is how many big names are getting blasted with allegations.

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It’s good to be critical and popularity shouldn’t mean players aren’t held accountable. So streamers are listening o those concerns and doing what they can to prove them wrong.

A day after MuTeX streamed with five different cameras set up to cover all his bases, ZLaner took things in a different direction. Setting up an extra camera and an eye tracker, Z proceeded to drop 38 kills in hopes that people would realize he doesn’t need hacks.

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As you can see in the clip, Z has his traditional streamer camera set up — showing his face as he plays the game. Secondly, he has a camera showing his monitors in order to prove that there are no hacks on screen. And thirdly, he has an eye tracker to show that he is not looking at anything hidden to his viewers.

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When Warzone streamer and former CoD pro Tommey exposed a hacker mid-tournament, he asked the player to show his monitor. That’s typically the best way to detect cheats that aren’t visible on stream, so it’s clear why Z and MuTeX gladly put up monitor cams to prove their integrity.

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Many fans and critics were happy to see that Z was so comfortable playing under extra surveillance as a sign of good faith. But the latter wondered if he could still drop big games while doing so, suggesting that he couldn’t drop 30 kills without the hacks they believe he used.

So how did Z respond? As you can see in the embedded stream above, he put himself through hours of gameplay using the eye tracker. The technology requires him to sit much further away from his monitor than usual, but he still went ahead and dropped a fat, 38-kill game.

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It’s unclear if this will satisfy all of the critics, but it seems to have comforted some who had begun doubting the popular streamer. With MuTeX and ZLaner both upping their stream setup to satisfy the doubters, we have to wonder which streamers will be asked to do so next.

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