When will the DMR be nerfed in Warzone (again)?

Joe Craven
DMR 14 in BOCW with Warzone Logo

With Black Ops Cold War weapons now available in Call of Duty: Warzone, a new meta has emerged, and it’s all about the DMR 14. Despite the tactical rifle having already been nerfed once, the majority of the player-base has been vocal about it needing to be toned down yet again.

Call of Duty fans have been able to enjoy Black Ops Cold War weapons in Warzone since the two games merged on December 16. A semi-automatic tactical rifle, the DMR has been dominant since Season 1 began, and fans are keen to see a nerf and a meta shakeup.

We’ve seen various metas emerge in the past – weapons like the Grau and the Bruen had their time in the spotlight. Each time, Infinity Ward have later nerfed them, to keep the game balanced, as well as fresh.

That has not been the case with the DMR yet, as it has remained right at the top of Warzone’s weapon pool for over a month now, despite having already been nerfed once.

Warzone DMR 14
The DMR 14 has become the go-to primary weapon in Warzone.

Warzone players want the DMR nerfed again

After nearly a month of public outcry, Raven Software finally implemented a nerf to the DMR, along with three other weapons, reducing the tactical rifle’s headshot damage and increasing its recoil.

However, despite this, many claim that there isn’t really any major difference, as the DMR continues to be an insurmountable force on Verdansk and Rebirth Island. Consequently, players have been eager to see the gun nerfed again.

Raven have already tweeted out that they’re continuing to monitor any aspect of Warzone that users are having complaints about, so the DMR should be high up on their list. We expect another adjustment to be rolled out sooner rather than later, perhaps when the game’s next patch gets released on Thursday, January 14.

Warzone gameplay
Rebirth Island, like BOCW’s weapons, dropped in Warzone on December 16.

What else needs to be nerfed in Warzone? Diamatti, Type 63, more

The Type 63 is another semi-auto tactical rifle that’s almost just as good as the DMR. It too was nerfed in the Jan. 6 balancing patch but continues to be really powerful. The only reason it’s not been complained about as much is that it’s still in the shadows of the DMR and not many people are familiar with its potency.

That and the dual-wield Diamattis (which were also toned down on Jan. 6) both need another round of nerfs, simply because the first tuning update didn’t really change anything in terms of how powerful these weapons are and how often they get used.

Perhaps the only gun that was nerfed in the previous patch that maybe doesn’t need to be touched again is the Mac 10, especially since it’s not really as overpowered as the others in this list and also because there are so many other viable SMGs that nerfing this one to the ground won’t accomplish much.

While it’s not certain that any of these weapons will be the target of more tuning in the coming weeks, if they are, expect them to be tweaked sooner rather than later.

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