Warzone slammed for “pay to win” blueprint making Mac 10 loadout even more OP

Gallantry blueprint in WarzoneActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone has been accused of being pay-to-win after the Gallantry blueprint for the Mac 10, which is a part of the battle pass, is seemingly stronger than the base weapon. 

Just like every other successful battle royale on the market, Warzone has been kept fresh with multiple updates since it launched. Be it map changes, new skins, extra cosmetics, and even challenges, Warzone has had it all.

These additions, though, haven’t come with controversy. The meta changes each time a weapon like the DMR or Bruen comes to the forefront – with players trying to get an upper hand in any way possible.

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The Mac10 is one of the weapons that has shaped the current meta, but, after discovered that the Gallantry blueprint of the weapon is actually a buff compared to the base version, some have called the game pay-to-win.

Activision / Treyarch
The Mac 10 is currently the best SMG in Warzone.

Twitch and YouTube star NICKMERCS called out the weapon as pay to win in his latest YouTube upload, saying it’s not a good look for the Warzone developers. 

“I love my Mac 10 and I have a lot of fun using it in Verdansk right now, and I totally cool with them not touching this thing, but, it probably does need to get fixed,” he said. “At the end of the day, pay to win is not going to be a good look. You don’t want to force people to cough up their cash to be able to play at a higher level. That’s just not it man,” Nick added, before defending the devs.

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“Now it’s obviously just a mistake, I’m sure they didn’t mean to do this, they might have – I don’t know – but I don’t think they did. It’ll probably get fixed soon.” 

Other players have called it out too. “Shame on you. CW integration is a mess. You integrate skins pay to win on Mac10 and your DMR’s patch is a joke,” tweeted one fan. 

“Nerf DMR and fix the problem about the battle pass blueprint of [the] Mac10 or maybe the game has been changed to pay to win????” added another. 

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Previously, players called out the Bruen and Grau as pay to win weapons, but that was a little different seeing as that was just about the base versions.

If it is a mistake, as NICKMERCS points out, then the problem should be fixed sooner rather than later, but we’ll just have to wait and see. 

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