When is the Grau nerf in Warzone? MW mid-Season 4 update details

Infinity Ward / Swagg - YouTube

 The highly anticipated Modern Warfare mid-Season 4 update will soon be upon us, set to introduce more new content as well as a major weapon balancing patch for both multiplayer and Warzone battle royale.

When it comes to the individual seasons in Modern Warfare, there are two big waves of new content and changes – once at the launch and another halfway through. In the case of S4, that’ll be no different, as developers Infinity Ward will be rolling out a major update sometime soon.

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When is the Modern Warfare mid-season update?

Season 4 kicked off on June 10 after a week’s delay and is set to last until August 4, which means that the likeliest date for this patch is Tuesday, July 7.

This makes more sense considering that almost every significant update from Infinity Ward has been released on a Tuesday, so July 7 is one that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Infinity WardThe mid-Season 4 update in Modern Warfare and Warzone is expected to be a juicy one.

Weapon balancing: Grau nerf and more

Probably the most anticipated part of this update will be the gun balancing patch that comes with it, as revealed by Joe Cecot, Co-Design Director of Multiplayer at Infinity Ward.

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Cecot recently tweeted that they have “a batch of weapon tuning in the works for the mid-season update,” which came in response to a fan asking whether or not the powerful Grau 5.56 is ever going to get nerfed.

The overpowered nature of the Grau has been well-documented, so this is as good as a confirmation that the assault rifle will be tweaked in the upcoming patch. Furthermore, based on the tweet, it appears that there will be several more guns set to either be buffed or nerfed soon, so it’ll definitely be worth keeping tabs on that.

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What else to expect in mid-Season 4 update

As mentioned above, in addition to the weapon tuning, there will be plenty of new content introduced via this update as well.

According to the official Season 4 roadmap, Infinity Ward will be releasing a multiplayer map called Cheshire Park, the new Rytec AMR sniper rifle (gameplay of which has already been leaked), and Juggernaut Royale – a new mode within Warzone that’ll feature the powerful Juggernaut kill-streak from multiplayer.

That won’t be the end of it either; the roadmap image shows “and more” in the bottom right corner over a Warzone background, suggesting that more battle royale content could be coming as well.

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