Modern Warfare leaker reveals first look at Rytec AMR sniper in Season 4

Sniping in Modern WarfareInfinity Ward

A Call of Duty leaker by the name ‘BKTOOR’ has shared the first gameplay of the upcoming Rytec AMR sniper rifle, coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone during the ongoing Season 4. 

The Modern Warfare Season 4 roadmap, released back when the new season officially launched, gave us our first official glimpse at the Rytec AMR sniper rifle, the first DLC sniper to come to Modern Warfare.

Leaked data files have suggested that the sniper will be a semi-auto weapon, similar to the Barrett .50 Cal snipers we have seen in older Infinity Ward CoDs. These suggestions appear confirmed by leaked footage, revealed by BKTOOR, who shared a first look at the gun’s current build in Modern Warfare.

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Modern Warfare's Season 4 roadmapInfinity Ward
The official Modern Warfare Season 4 roadmap.

At a first glance, the gun shares similarities with both the AX-50 and the HDR. In fact, for an unknown reason, the weapon currently appears under the AX-50’s name, and with a similar sniper scope.

However, its properties couldn’t be more different from the AX-50. BKTOOR shows the weapon to have a fairly fast semi-automatic fire rate. However, unlike the Barrett .50 Cals of older Call of Duty games, it also appears to have minimal recoil.

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Modern Warfare players have long been waiting for another sniper rifle, and the Rytec AMR’s confirmation as semi-automatic may affect its popularity. The most popular snipers in Call of Duty tend to be bolt-action.

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Unfortunately, there is no release date news alongside the footage, so it remains unclear when in Season 4 the Rytec AMR will actually find its way into both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

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We’ve already had confirmation from Infinity Ward’s Joe Cecot that weapon tuning – including nerfs to the Grau – will be coming in the mid-season update, which could also be a date for the release of the Rytec AMR.

Given Modern Warfare’s seasons tend to be around two months long, this would see Season 4’s mid-season update coming around early-mid July.

We will, of course, continue to update you on all the latest content coming to Modern Warfare and Warzone.

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