When are Attack Helicopters coming back to Warzone?

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With Attack Helicopters currently disabled to negate Warzone’s invisible player issues, when can we expect them to return to Rebirth Island and Verdansk? 

The merge of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone has been a whirlwind for Call of Duty players. While adding new weapons to Warzone is hardly innovative, it is the first time we have seen such significant collaboration between CoD’s two main studios – Infinity Ward and Treyarch.

However, with worlds colliding there were bound to be some issues and, unsurprisingly, they took the form of bugs and glitches sweeping across Warzone’s new Rebirth Island.

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Attack Helicopters were added to Warzone as a result of their inclusion in BOCW, but it quickly became clear that they were at the root of a serious bug. Players who had recently used an Attack Helicopter could render themselves invisible to enemy players. As literal as it sounds, this was handing players easy eliminations and victories.

The severity of the bug resulted in dev studios scrambling to isolate a cause and a future fix. Raven were quick to confirm the steps they were taking, confirming on December 17 that Attack Helicopters have been completely removed from Warzone.

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“The vehicle will return once the related issues have been fixed,” they explained. “The normal helicopter will remain available. To clarify, this change is to combat the bug causing players to appear invisible to others.”

The Attack Helicopter has been absent from Warzone matches since December 17. Neither Raven nor Infinity Ward have confirmed a return date but, given the severity of the issues we should be able to expect a quick fix.

We can hope to see the Attack Helicopters return to Rebirth Island and Verdansk in the coming days, perhaps on Tuesday December 22 (or early on December 23 depending on your location).

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Tuesdays have become key days for Warzone updates, and would be exactly a week after the merger between BOCW and Warzone originally took place.

We will keep you updated as soon as the developers confirm a return date. Until then, players will have to make to do with the normal helicopters.

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