Weird Warzone Gulag bug breaks HusKerrs’ equipment during tournament

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone gulag

[jwplayer br5AuoVJ]

During Vikkstar’s $210,000 Warzone Showdown tournament, renowned streamer, HusKerrs, experienced a bizarre bug in which his lethal and tactical equipment were disabled following a trip to the Gulag.

HusKerrs is one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s most prominent players, with big recent championships in the $100,000 Minnesota ROKKR Warzone tournament and Vikkstar’s Warzone Showdown. Over the past three of the latter tournament series, he has grouped with AverageJoeWo and come within the top three places in each of the last three weeks.

The duo took first place and won $12,000 in Week 4, third place for $2,000 in Week 5, and, most recently, $12,000 for first place again in Week 6. During that championship run, the indomitable streamer hit the Gulag during his finals matchup against TeePee and UnRational. 

As soon as he hit the showers for his 1 vs. 1 Gulag duel, HusKerrs’ opponent disappeared, forfeiting the match and granting the streamer an easy return to Verdansk. Whether that be because said foe suffered an unfortunate disconnect or simply wanted to avoid the streamer’s beams is uncertain, but the fallout was an annoying glitch impacting the tournament competitor’s equipment.

As HusKerrs explains, there is a bizarre bugged continuation of the Gulag’s internal logic when you win before the timer on equipment usage runs out. In the 1 vs. 1 cage match, players are able to wield their randomized weapons immediately, but are unable to use their equipment for several seconds. If you win before that timer lets you use the equipment in the spooky subterranean bathroom, the game bugs and does not let you use equipment when you return back to Verdansk either.

“Well, I mean, I got out, but my equipment’s going to be bugged now until I die. That’s annoying.” Well-aware of the game’s weirder nuances, he casually explains to his unaware teammate that his equipment will now be unusable and proves so to his stream by subsequently grabbing his loadout, which somehow does not register that he has picked up lethal or tactical equipment.

Fortunately, the bug didn’t matter to the duo as they went on to win the event comfortably. At the moment, this issue is registered on Infinity Ward’s Trello board, where the developers have notified the public that a fix is in progress but currently incomplete.