Frustrating Warzone bug gives PC players ‘wall hacks’ with scopes

Jacob Hale
Warzone PC wallhacks

A frustrating Warzone bug is letting some players see through walls and track their enemies’ movements, making them nearly impossible to play against.

Warzone players are becoming increasingly incensed with some of the bugs that pop up in the game. Most notably, with the launch of Season 6 on September 29, players found their apps crashing and being kicked out of servers on a regular basis, and it was completely unavoidable.

On October 1, Infinity Ward revealed that they’ve banned 200,000 players that have been found to be using cheats in their various forms, which has been a major sticking point for players worldwide.

Now, some players appear to be getting what are essentially ‘wall hacks’ for free thanks to a bug in the game.

The footage below was captured by Dustinthemighty and, although the video has been compressed slightly, you can see exactly what they’re talking about with an ability to see his enemy through walls if you look closely — though it apparently is significantly easier to see in-game.

After finding a Kar98k in a Scavenger crate, Dustin started staring through the window of the next house over, which could just look like they know someone is there and are waiting to see movement.

Although the video compression makes it hard to see, there is a slight glint around the reticle of Dustin’s scope where the opponent is moving, clearly having jumped out of the house and attempting to run to the right of the screen — something Dustin can basically see in its entirety, despite several walls between them.

In the comments, one respondent said they believe it’s tied to their NVIDIA GPU as they have seen it before, which could possibly be the case, though there’s no real explanation or reason that can be proven as of yet.

Obviously, with Activision seemingly looking to ramp up the number of cheaters they ban, it would be a shame to see innocent players get roped in with actual hackers because they’ve been reported over suspicious deaths, so it will be interesting to see whether the Warzone devs can fix this any time soon.