Warzone 2 streamers receive death threats from furious players over Season 3 update

Warzone 2 sniper aiming in at player flying in on parachuteActivision

Warzone 2 streamers have slammed viewers that have been sending them death threats amid intense disappointment over the Season 3 update.

Many players felt that the Season 03 update was destined to start bringing the glory days back to Call of Duty battle royale hit Warzone, with movement changes announced and rumored TTK increases to create more of a skill gap.

After days of speculation and anticipation building, the update launched on April 12, and almost immediately players were livid that the game didn’t feel all that different.

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The movement felt very much the same and without drastic changes throughout, many players felt that creators had duped them into a false sense of security regarding the update.

While most players simply aired their frustrations at the lack of changes, others took it even further, with multiple streamers calling out death threats they had received in their chats and on social media since Season 3 went live.

Warzone streamers death threats: Repullze, JoeWo, more

“Just wanna start off by saying y’all sending me death threats over an update is f**king weird,” said Repullze. “Since the dev call I’ve said don’t get your hopes up and idk what exact movement changes are happening. Some of y’all need to remember content creators are humans. You can say whatever you want about me but when you start attacking my partner in life is where I draw the line.”

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JoeWo revealed that he had also been getting death threats since the update.

“Mind blown I’m getting death threats over a Call of Duty update,” he explained. Was optimistic about an update that underperformed and apparently I’m the scapegoat now.”

Activision employee Shaniece, who works in influencer relations, then suggested that it’s not just streamers receiving death threats, with developers and other employees also becoming victims of online trolls.

It goes without saying that sending streamers and developers death threats is unacceptable, and the vitriol that has poured in the direction of certain streamers has been seriously concerning.

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On the other end of the spectrum, there are some valid complaints that players might have, with “pay-to-win” bundles now appearing in DMZ and a small delay to the re-introduction of ranked play into Modern Warfare 2.

That said, they don’t make up for the death threats and other insults that have been levied against content creators and people working on the game, and it will be interesting to see if any more streamers or even Activision themselves come out against it.

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