Warzone 2 pros flocking back to Caldera amid frustrations with current game

Warzone Caldera background with images of streamers ZLaner and JoeWo at the forefront.Activision/Scuf/ZLaner

A number of top Warzone 2 pros and streamers have started to head back to Caldera, following months of frustrations with the current game and the direction it’s headed since launching in November 2022.

The switch from the original title to Warzone 2 hasn’t been easy for a lot of players, with many preferring the feel and gameplay of Warzone 1 as the game they fell in love with.

While the feeling, of course, isn’t universal, it’s been a point of contention for the Call of Duty community, who find themselves increasingly split as the prospect of going back to a limited version of Warzone Caldera seems to be growing more attractive.

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With that in mind, a number of top streamers have spoken out about how much fun they’ve been having on Warzone Caldera, celebrating the fluid movement and heightened skill gap, among other things.

Players like ZLaner, bbreadman, JoeWo, and more have been posting clips on Caldera, even streaming the original Warzone title, opting to leave Warzone 2 behind occasionally.

Not only that, but some top stars have even taken to trolling Activision and the devs, being very blunt with them about what’s happening.

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Replying to a tweet asking where players are dropping in this weekend, Swagg simply said “We on Warzone lil bro.”

New York Subliners’ Aydan even announced that he was taking a step back from Warzone 2, instead preferring to grind Modern Warfare 2 ranked play or other games.

“I feel like the game is super stale right now,” he said. “There’s nothing new and exciting about it. Super letdown on the game’s competitive side, and there is no new content, so it makes it super hard making YouTube videos.”

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Evidently there are issues with Warzone 2 that are driving away a lot of the top stars of the game, not to mention a large portion of the casual playerbase.

The devs will want to consider some of the changes they might have to make to the game to win over players, or risk seeing the playerbase drop even further from Season 3 onwards.

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