Warzone 2 streamers hint at major movement and TTK changes coming in Season 3

Warzone 2 operator wearing ghillie suit and carrying sniper rifle with laodout drop in the backgroundActivision

Some Warzone 2 creators have hinted at the possibility of major, highly-requested changes that players have been begging for since the game launched, getting people seriously excited.

While Warzone 1 and 2 have a lot of similarities, there are enough glaring differences in gameplay that the community has become increasingly divided since it first launched.

Of the differences, the key changes that players have taken umbrage with boil down to the time-to-kill (TTK) and movement, with players dying quicker and moving considerably slower than in the original BR that became so globally popular.

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As a result, we’ve seen Warzone viewership drop considerably since it launched in November 2022, as well as a player base declining “faster than expected.”

With Season 3 launching on April 12, though, it seems as though a number of top creators had a call with the developers, and they’re definitely optimistic about the future of the game, even suggesting that those two key frustrations from players are going to be addressed.

One of those players was “movement king” Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala, renowned for his frenetic playstyle in Verdansk and Caldera, who simply said that “Warzone 2 is saved.”

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Not only that, but when Swagg posted asking about movement or TTK changes, ModernWarzone responded simply saying “Where were you?” presumably in relation to the creator call.

ModernWarzone then followed up with a separate tweet, ensuring that good changes are coming in Season 3 and beyond.

“Not going to overhype the changes coming to Warzone 2 but I will say that I was genuinely shocked at the amount of changes coming with Season 3, and in a good way,” he said. “Feedback is being listened to, it’s up to you to decide if it’s enough or too little too late. I’m excited though.”

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Obviously, while it’s not a whole lot to go off, many in the comments believe that these tweets, and similar other posts collectively, show a serious change of pace (literally and metaphorically) for Warzone 2.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait until Season 3 launches to find out whether this is actually true.

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