Warzone skins leaked for Rambo & John McClane in 80s movie crossover

. 1 year ago
Rambo & John McClane

Warzone’s Rambo and John McClane skins have leaked ahead of their release, giving fans an early look at what they can expect when they go live. 

Rambo and John McClane are some of the most iconic 80s action movie stars, so Call of Duty players’ were obviously extremely excited when rumors started circulating online about their arrival to the game. Hints of the dynamic duo’s addition to Warzone were originally shown last week, when Call of Duty’s official Twitter account made several teases

Many fans quickly theorized that these tweets meant John Rambo and John McClane would be dropping into Verdansk. After all, the 80s theme of Verdansk ’84 is certainly befitting of two of the most iconic action stars. However, these rumors have finally been confirmed thanks to a leak that showcases both skins in-game.

Rambo & John McClane Warzone skins

While fans managed to quickly debunk these official teases, Activision has yet to announce any info on when they’ll be releasing. Despite this, an image of both characters has circulated online, giving fans an early look at what they can expect to see when both Rambo and John McClane enter the game. 

Rambo can be seen donning his iconic bandana, while John McClane is ready to school his foes in his grubby white vest. While we may not have an official release date or know any details regarding the price of the skins, we can confirm that they are coming to Warzone. 

Of course, like most Call of Duty cosmetics, the final look may change before release. For now, though, this brief glimpse shows what players can expect when the dynamic duo drops into Verdansk. 

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