Warzone Redeploy system gets major overhaul in Season 3 Reloaded

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Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Redeploy

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is taking some huge swings at shaking up Warzone and the redeploy system has been placed front and center. Between death economy changes and the addition of some new life-extending tokens, the game will hardly be the same.

There are few things more disheartening in Warzone than hearing the audio confirmation of your teammate losing their Gulag matchup and knowing that it’s time to fork over some major cash to get them back.

This feeling might not be so bad in Season 3 Reloaded though, as Raven Software is making some big changes to alleviate the hurt on players’ pockets and get their comrades parachuting back into the mix.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded makes big change to Buyback system

warzone buy stations
Warzone’s buyback system is getting a huge adjustment in Season 3 Reloaded.

The meat and potatoes of this change come in the form of a decreased cost to bring your fallen squadmates back into the action.

Instead of the traditional $4000 of the past, the price is now being knocked down by 25%, bringing the new total to $3000 for a revive.

Moreover, the amount of money a player loses on death (aka Death Tax) is also seeing a dip. Instead of retaining only 20% of the money into the grave, the split has now been adjusted to a whopping 50%.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded patch notes: Buyback cost, Death tax, more

Warzone gameplay
Let’s run through all the changes to the redeploy system…

In the patch notes, Raven Software said the following:

  • Decreased Buyback Cost 
    • Decreased Buyback cost to $3,000, down from $4,000

Note: We want to support Players being able to get back into the game. We felt that $4,000 was an often unattainable cost, especially at $12,000 for a full squad in Quads. This slight reduction should provide more chances for Players to more readily get back to a full squad.

  • Death Tax Adjustment | 
    • Adjusted the tax upon death from 80:20 to 50:50

Note: Upon review, the death tax felt overly punishing, as well as making it tougher for Players to track how much cash they’d still have when returning from the Gulag. We are going to trial this new 50:50 split and carefully monitor the impact it has on the global cash economy.

  • New Lootable “Gulag Entry” Token | 
    • This new lootable token allows Players to reenter the Gulag upon death.
    • When the Gulag closes, Players will be rewarded with cash if they still hold a token.
    • Per the normal Battle Royale rules, Players will still start each match with a single Gulag Entry token in their inventory.
    • Players can only carry one of these tokens at a time.

Note: We’ve really enjoyed seeing the response to our recent “infinite Gulag” LTM’s and wanted to bring an element of this across to core Battle Royale. 

  • New Lootable “Redeploy Extraction” Token | 
    • This item allows a Player, upon death, to skip the Gulag and redeploy after a short countdown.
    • If the Player still has their original Gulag Entry from the match start, they will retain it.
    • When the Gulag closes, Players will be rewarded with cash if they still hold a token.
    • Players below a redeploying enemy will be notified.
    • Players can only carry one of these tokens at a time.

Note: Similarly to the “Gulag Entry” token, we felt there was an opportunity for an additional rare item that allows redeployment on death – and that’s the role that the new ground loot item, “Redeploy Extraction” fills. 

  • Increased Lootable Self-Revives 
    • The spawn rate of lootable Self-Revive tokens has been increased.

The devs added: “Upon review we felt that Self-Revives were too rare in ground loot for something so easily and readily available in Buy Stations so their chance of ground loot availability has been increased.”

These changes, combined with the addition of the Gulag Entry and Redeploy Extraction tokens, will ensure that dying is no longer such a death sentence so to speak.

Now, anyone who is granted new life should be able to hit the ground and start hunting right away, and since Raven Software is reducing the player cap for Warzone lobbies, those seconds could be incredibly valuable for anyone hunting their new personal record.

For more news on what’s changing in Season 3 Reloaded, check out our hub for all the action right here.

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