How to get Warzone Redeploy Extraction tokens for instant revives

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Warzone is getting a new item in its loot pool after the latest Classified Arms Reloaded patch that will give players a Redeploy Extraction token for instant revives and here’s how to get them.

The fast-paced action of Warzone can sometimes result in a quick death or two, so the devs have given its players different ways to laid back into the action.

Gameplay mechanics like the infamous Gulag as well as the buy-back feature in Buy Stations give people a reasonable way to have another life in the battle royale.

But the devs are now giving people a way to instantly make a comeback with a new token that makes its way into the loot pool after the latest update.

warzone redeploy token
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Warzone’s Redeploy Tokens are coming back to the battle royale after the latest Classified Arms Reloaded patch.

Warzone Redeploy Extraction Tokens

The Warzone devs announced the new items in a May 23 update that will give CoD players the quickest way to revive after getting eliminated.

To acquire a Redeploy Extraction Token, Warzone players can add it to their inventories by finding them in Supply Boxes.

Be warned, finding one of these tokens will be hard. Raven even said the probability of getting a Redeploy token in a Supply Box could be more scarce than getting an item of Legendary rarity.

Using it won’t be a hassle either, since the token will automatically activate after getting eliminated so that teams don’t have to go out of their way to revive someone.

warzone call of duty
Players will be able to get a free second-life with Warzone’s upcoming Redeploy Extraction Tokens.

It should be noted that the Redeploy Extraction Tokens deactivate in the latter stages of a match once the Hold shuts down.

For players who acquired a Redeploy Token and didn’t use it when it was allowed, they’ll get in-game cash compensation to bolster their late-game loadouts.

Though it may not be easy to add one of the items into your Warzone inventory, the Redeploy Tokens will be a helpful addition to anyone’s game plan once they land in the game.

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