Warzone pros Aydan & HusKerrs get hacker banned live on stream

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone pros Aydan & HusKerrs get hacker banned live on stream

Nothing is worse than running into a hacker on Warzone. Even though they ruined the game, pros Aydan and HusKerrs got one of them banned live on stream.

While the clock winds down on the final days of Verdansk, players are still left without an anti-cheat and an abundance of unpunished cheaters.

Raven Software have taken a lot of strides to help mitigate this problem but there still isn’t a 100% effective fix.

Despite this, Warzone pros Aydan, HusKerrs, and IceManIsaac decided to take matters into their own hands when they encountered one in a match.

Warzone map
Warzone pros got a hacker banned live on stream after being killed by them.

Warzone pros get cheater banned while streaming

As Warzone players await the new Pacific map and RICOCHET anti-cheat, they are doing the dirty work for Activision and cleaning up the streets of Verdansk.

During a live stream, HusKerrs and company were killed by a blatant hacker but instead of immediately leaving the lobby, they stuck around in hopes that the devs would see.

After a short period of time, the hacker was ripped straight out of the lobby and into the void of banned accounts.

In the clip, you can hear the excitement in HusKerr’s voice as the cheater is banned right in front of their eyes, “Get f**ked idiot!” Fellow streamer IceManIsaac was also hyped up as they helped make Warzone a bit safer from these pests.

Luckily for the squad, a dev must have been tuned in to one of their streams and realized what was happening, as it only took about two minutes for the account to get banned.

While this was good for the community, others are hopeful that the extinction of hackers is near as the game’s anti-cheat is coming out on December 8.

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