Activision sends cease and desist to Warzone player sharing Verdansk access in 2023

Warzone Verdansk mapActivision

Activision is looking to shut down an unauthorized operation bringing the mega-popular Verdansk Warzone map back into focus. The publishing giant has already issued a cease and desist to one particular community member sharing access.

When Warzone first went live in 2020, it did so with Verdansk as the core BR map. Over the months that followed, this battlefield became a hit in the community, one that players were devastated to see go as newer maps rotated in.

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Despite the jump to Warzone 2, and even now with Modern Warfare 3 just around the corner, Verdansk has remained on the shelf the entire time. Currently, the only legitimate way to access it is through Modern Warfare’s (2019) offline modes or through early Warzone Mobile tests.

As a result, some community members have made it their mission to bring Verdansk back to its former glory, though without explicit approval from the developers. Activision has now filed a cease and desist to one particular player after their efforts to share access to the beloved BR map in 2023.

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Multiple posts on Twitter over the past few weeks from ‘HeyImAlaix’ show screenshots and footage of Verdansk in action once again. Not only that, but they also provided links for others to jump in as well, organizing private matches with up to 20 players.

Given this form of access is not permitted by Activision, the company has now motioned to take it all down. Alaix revealed they had been hit with another cease and desist on September 15 in light of their efforts.

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“The sale, distribution, and use of the Cracks causes enormous and irreparable harm to the value and integrity of Activision’s products and services,” one particular section read.

“Our content reflects the passionate work of our amazing development teams,” Activision then followed up in a statement to our sister site CharlieIntel.

“We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm, but consistent with any intellectual property, it’s important that we preserve and protect Call of Duty, and the incredibly talented developers who create it, from unauthorized use.”

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So for those hoping to see Verdansk back in full force by any means, you may want to think twice before jumping into any unauthorized or ‘cracked’ version of the game.

Although an entirely new BR map is on the way with Modern Warfare 3, we’ll just have to wait and see if a Verdansk revival is in the cards too in the near future. Currently, it appears there are no plans of the sort.

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