Warzone players want classic Fortnite feature to improve “broken weapons”

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone players want classic Fortnite feature to improve broken weapons
Activision / Epic Games

Warzone players are begging for the classic Fortnite feature vaulting, as it will help combat the era or broken weapons in the game.

Season 2 of Warzone brought a handful of weapons changes including nerfs to the Bren and MP-40, which have been the most popular.

These meta guns got hit hard but they dominated all of Season 1, which was over two months.

Now, thanks to a secret buff on another SMG, players are asking the devs to implement a vault system similar to Fortnite’s so overpowered weapons can just be removed.

Warzone players want Fortnite weapon vault feature 

In a Reddit post by ‘digit_zero’ the user brought up the topic of completely removing certain weapons from the game if they’re overtuned. This comes off the back of a secret Warzone buff, making the PPSh one of the strongest of all time.


Digit Zero suggested that Raven Software should add a vaulting mechanic similar to what Fortnite has. However, in a CoD twist, this wouldn’t be a long-term thing.

The proposal was for Raven to have a system that disables a gun when it becomes broken like the PPSh. This would allow for the devs to balance it and not have the weapon running around lobbies, dominating everyone.

PPSh Warzone SMG
The PPSh received a secret buff in the Season 2 update, which has made it extremely overpowered.

Multiple people backed this statement and one person said, “Agreed, the weekend is the only time for casuals to play and when this happens it basically rules out the weekend.”

Another Redditor mentioned this would be great for the game and BR communities like Fortnite don’t have issues with it. “Fortnite has a vault system and there hasn’t been much of an outcry about it.”

There is no telling if Warzone devs will do this as there are weapon blueprints that players can purchase. But, players want a method to temporarily turn off broken weapons in the game.