Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat trolls hackers by making enemies invisible

Warzone player shooting at invisable enemyActivision

Warzone’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system has come under scrutiny ever since the transition from Verdansk to Caldera, but a new feature that makes enemies invisible to cheaters is a sign that the software is working hard to combat the issue.

When RICOCHET anti-cheat was added to Warzone at the end of 2021, many players hoped it would finally put a stop to the hackers that had been ruining the game for many months. However, shortly after the move to Caldera, reports of cheaters being back and worse than ever started to pour in.

Despite a noticeable increase in players using aimbots, and even flying cars, the devs reiterated that RICOCHET is combating the problem. They announced recently that the software is providing a Damage Shield that prevents cheaters from dealing damage.

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But another RICOCHET feature appears to have emerged, and it’s going one step further in trolling anyone using cheats.

RICOCHET anti cheat logoActivision
RICOCHET was first introduced back in December, but players have had their doubts on whether it’s working.

In a couple of clips posted to Twitter by Charlie INTEL, RICOCHET seemed to make enemy players invisible during gunfights for those exploiting the game.

The first clearly showed a hacker drop into a match and immediately start lasering players from an absurd range. But when the aimbot highlighted an opposing player at close range, they suddenly vanished while they were firing.

Before the cheater had time to react, they had already been knocked to the ground and sent to the Gulag. The second clip was more of the same, an enemy quickly disappeared shortly after the fight began, and they were able to get the best of the player using hacks.

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Warzone fans responded to the tweet, seemingly over the moon that RICOCHET was not only working but actively messing with cheaters. “The fact that the anti-cheat just trolls the cheaters instead of insta-banning them is hilarious,”replied one player.

RICOCHET anti-cheat is no joke. It’s only going to keep getting more stronger and sooner or later legit cheating/silent cheating will end too,” said another.

While there’s no doubt that there’s still a lot of work to be done before the cheating problem is completely solved in Warzone, videos like this go a long way in reassuring the community that RICOCHET is doing the business.

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