Warzone players think Infinity Ward may have secretly nerfed vehicles

Joe Craven
Warzone vehicle with players shooting out of the side

A number of Call of Duty: Warzone players believe Infinity Ward may have made a secret change to exiting vehicles, not mentioned in the most recent patch notes.

Despite Call of Duty: Warzone’s incredible popularity – boasting over 75 million players worldwide –   many fans have taken issue with the number of bugs and glitches that plague the game, and secret patches that are omitted from official update correspondence.

This emergent issue, highlighted by a number of players on Reddit, appears to have started with the Season 6 launch, but it’s not entirely clear whether it’s a glitch or a deliberate change on Infinity Ward’s part.

Players have reported that, for unknown reasons, their POV is jumping around when exiting vehicles.

Vehicle driving round Verdansk in Warzone
Vehicles make you an easy target, but can speed up your travel around the map.

One Redditor who has been experiencing the issues asked: “Has anyone else noticed since the update sometimes when you hop out of a vehicle your aim is randomly set way off target? Reckon this is a bug or a stealth vehicle nerf?”

Essentially, when hopping out of a vehicle and trying to ADS at a nearby enemy, players are experiencing bizarre changes in their POV, to the point of some people’s aim being redirected towards the sky. It doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident either, with multiple different players reporting similar problems.

Another Warzone player said: “Every time I drive in with a vehicle, exit (I’m looking straight at or down at someone,) the game SHOOTS my screen and looks upwards. This hasn’t happened before and I watching my replays I can clearly see I was looking at the target at head level and right as I exit, my PoV SHOOTS straight up.”

Warzone characters on a Quad Bike
Warzone features a wide array of vehicles.

As previously stated, the reasons behind these issues are unclear and it’s not known whether this is a bug or a stealth change.

It could be that Infinity Ward made changes to reflect characters reorienting themselves after exiting vehicles, but chose to omit the change from patch notes.

We’ll have to wait and see what the developers say, but Warzone players are both confused and frustrated by the changes.