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Warzone players think they’ve spotted teasers for Season 4 night mode

Published: 28/May/2020 3:51

by Brad Norton


Infinity Ward could be set to introduce a night-time playlist in Warzone as players have begun piecing together subtle hints from the latest Season 3 teasers.

Almost three months into Warzone’s release and the hugely-popular battle royale is gearing up for some major developments. While players dissect countless easter eggs in the newly opened bunkers, and cryptic messages hint at an explosive in-game event, the build-up to Season 4 is in full swing.

The latest promotional material might have just outed one major addition in the next big update. A night-time playlist has been sought-after for many weeks, and it could now be right around the corner.


Infinity Ward
Could you picture a blacked out version of Warzone?

A May 27 teaser trailer may have put the spotlight on Captain Price as the next playable Operator in Warzone, but there could be more to learn from the 60-second video. “Bravo Six, going dark,” the iconic Call of Duty character says as lights in the background change from red to green.

Obviously this is a classic line from Price, one featured in the original Modern Warfare trailer as well. In the 2019 reveal, gameplay switches to night-vision footage as he issues the command.

While night-vision goggles aren’t in the Warzone teaser, perhaps we can expect a darkened version of Verdansk in Season 4. It seems all too fitting for the dialogue to be repeated here with the introduction of Price as an Operator.


New images have also appeared on Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher for Warzone players on PC. This promotional material shows Price front and center with a distinct color change in the background.

The map is currently bright and sunny with a pale blue sky. Instead, this new image depicts his trio emerging from Bunker 21 as a notably darker tone hangs over Verdansk. Many players believe this might be a fully-fledged night-time version of the battle royale.

The new colors could purely be to separate Season 4’s visuals from the blue, gold, and red style of Season 1, 2, and 3 respectively. However, it could very well be our first look at a future version of the Warzone map after some catastrophic – perhaps nuclear – event comes to pass.


Activision Blizzard
You can see this new image for yourself the next time you boot up Battle.net on PC.

Only time will tell just how things transpire on the way to Season 4. You won’t have to wait much longer as the content drop is scheduled for Wednesday, June 3.

Keep an eye out for any new teasers that may appear in-game, from creepy noises to brand new healing items, it could all be revealing what’s next.