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Call of Duty: Warzone world records for most kills

by Daniel Cleary
Infinity Ward


The release of Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, Warzone, has already led to many impressive high-kill gameplays. Here are the current world records for most kills in a game.

The sequel to Call of Duty’s first battle royale has finally arrived and fans of the first-person shooter have been battling to set new records on Warzone.

Although the new mode was only released on March 10, some hardcore players have already managed to achieve a massive number of kills in their matches.

Infinity Ward
Players have already set incredible records on Call of Duty: Warzone


Warzone, which is currently in its beta stage, has both Solos and Trios modes but is yet to release Duos or Squads. Solos was released on March 17, so there aren't any major records that have been set within that playlist yet.

The current world record for the highest total kills in Trios has been set by Mindfreak player 'Zepa' alongside teammates 'Lymax' and 'micka'. The trio secured an incredible total of 78 kills in one of their matches.

Zepa shared a screenshot of their post-game scoreboard as well as a full video of their record-setting efforts. Lymax led the charge with a total of 29 kills and over 8000 damage while Zepa secured 27 and micka secured 22 of his own.


Lymax and micka already held the highest total kills in Warzone before topping their own record once again, having charted up 73 kills in a previous lobby alongside 'SETZ' on March 14.


The current record for the highest individual kills in a match of Warzone belongs to Mixer streamer, GaGOD, who managed to set a new record on March 13.

GaGOD’s shocked many Warzone fans after revealing that he had dropped 38 individual kills while playing with his squad, setting the bar incredibly high to kick things off. The match was streamed on Mixer.


As for Duos, two-thirds of the Trios world record holders set a new kill record for on March 19 with a total of 55 in a single game. Lymax picked up 24 eliminations while micka found 31 of his own.

Warzone’s kill records are expected to be considerably higher than some of the previous records set in Blackout, as the Gulag respawn system can give players a second chance and allows them more opportunities to pick up kills.

As of now, Warzone’s trio playlist is the only one that players can aim to break records on although it is likely that Solo and Duo playlists will be introduced at a later date.

Record Holder Kills Date
Trios Zepa, micka, Lymax 78 March 15, 2020
Solo vs Trios GaGOD 38 March 13, 2020
Duos vs Trios Lymax, micka 55 March 19, 2020

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Article last updated on March 19 at 5:20 PM EST.