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Call of Duty: Warzone world records for most kills

by Daniel Cleary
Infinity Ward


The release of Modern Warfare’s battle royale mode, Warzone, has already led to many impressive high-kill gameplays. Here are the current world records for most kills in a game.

The sequel to Call of Duty’s first battle royale has fans of the first-person shooter gunning for new records in Warzone.

The mode was only released on March 10 and some of the most hardcore players have already managed to achieve a massive number of kills in their matches.


Infinity Ward
Players have already set incredible records on Call of Duty: Warzone

Rules for Warzone World records

It's important to know that there are some rules that must be followed for a world record to count. First, we require video evidence for all records – images of the scoreboard are not enough.

Second, any record that has been recorded on very low-level smurf accounts to play against easier opponents is not counted. Any videos that do not show the levels of the players will also not be counted. Any records set in any LTM or event modes also do not count.

If two teams/players hold the same record, whoever got the record first will take the title.

Warzone Trios World Record

The world record for the highest total kills in Trios was smashed on June 17 by 'Metaphor', 'Frozone', and 'Pieman,' who dominated with an absurd 102 kills - each dropping 42, 32, and 28 respectively.

Two of these players already held the Trios world record at 93 kills from a June 11 match. Clearly they were able to go above and beyond once again, somehow finding another nine eliminations in a regular Trios game.

Each player on the team dealt over 10,000 damage throughout this record-shattering run.


Warzone Solo vs Duos World Record

Duos was added to Warzone on May 29 and, on June 18, FaZe Bloo set a fat record for kills, as a solo dropping in against tandems, with a 40-bomb (and a hefty 10,733 damage).

Bloo ran a loadout with the Grau and, interestingly, the AX-50, which is typically only considered a multiplayer gun with players preferring the HDR's long-range proficiency in Warzone. But the gun's added mobility served him well as he snagged easy downs with it from medium- to long-range.

Warzone Solo vs Trios World Record

The current record for the highest individual kills in a Trios match of Warzone belongs to Russian YouTuber and streamer Recrent, after knocking Tigerofhell1 off the top spot and setting a new record on July 10.


The skilled Warzone player, who also holds the Solos Warzone record, shattered the high score with a mind-blowing 58 kills in one round, equipped with a Custom Kar98k and Akimbo X16 pistols for most of the match.

Warzone Solo vs Quads (150) World Record

While racking up individual kills in Warzone's squads playlist can prove to be a challenge for even the best battle royale players, Phanosy managed to rack up a jaw-dropping 53 kills in Verdansk on May 16.

However, the french player only finished in third place during his impressive run, meaning that he could've set the bar even higher, despite wiping out over a third of the lobby single-handedly.



Warzone Solos World Record

The most kills in Warzone's Solos playlist was pulled off by Russian streamer Recrent who slayed out with a deadly RAM-7 and akimbo pistols loadout on July 7.

Recrent knocked out MuTeX's former record by a few, finishing off in style to the sounds of a downed opponent crying "no, no, you c**t!" That's 43 kills, 10,111 damage, and a seemingly easy World Record performance. Following the Grau and MP5 nerfs, the streamer ran a kitted RAM-7 with the mobility of the Peace and Tranquility blueprint pistols—zooming around the map in an SUV equipped with a Trophy System and comfortably notching kills.

Warzone Duos World Record

After much demand from Warzone fans, Infinity Ward finally added a Duos playlist on May 29, and players wasted no time dropping into Verdansk to try out the new mode.

For almost a few weeks, Aydan and MuTeX held the Duos record with a staggering 64 eliminations. Aydan racked up 29 kills while MuTeX clocked in at 35. However, this pace was soon trumped on June 21.

The team of Befra and Thee Beast bumped the record even further with 68 eliminations. They were constantly moving throughout the map and pushing towards the next targets. Before long, a new record was in their sights and they even managed to claim the overall victory. You can view the full replay here.

Warzone duo world record
Twitch: TheeBeast
The new Warzone Duos record was set on June 21.

Warzone Duos vs. Trios World Record

The Duos vs. Trios record was set by Reedr and UnRationaL, who put up a smooth 75 kills with over 23,000 damage between them.

Making things even more impressive, UnRationaL was rocking a kitted M4A1 with his MP5, instead of everyone's preferred Grau. In the final circle, Reedr pulled off a self-revive just in time to lock in the last two kills and a Warzone victory to top things off.

Warzone Duos vs. Quads (150) World Record

Winning fights when outmanned is tough in Warzone, but not for KaizerFN and forpantheon, who dropped a 74-kill game as a tandem dropping into a game of Quads.

While the Warzone meta among top-level players is currently dominated by the Grau and MP5, KaizerFN and forpantheon switched things up by each running a loadout with an MP5—but with a Bruen MK9 alongside it. The Bruen boasts the chunky damage of an LMG but with a reload time much closer to an AR's, making it an intriguing choice. Still, that choice was proved effective by such a huge game during the Code Red Qualifiers.

Warzone Trios vs Quads (200) Record

Dropping into the 200 player version of Quads, an insane kill-record was set by some of the biggest names on Twitch. Current Duos record holder Aydan put up another groundbreaking effort alongside FaZe Swagg and NICKMERCS. Collectively, they tallied up 108 kills on July 5.

Aydan stood out with a ridiculous 51 kills alone, while Swagg ended with 38 and NICKMERCS at 19.

Warzone Quads (150) World Record

One of the most competitive categories on the list, a new Quads record was set on May 23 as Warzone superstar Vikkstar paired up with Atlanta FaZe's Cellium, ABeZy and Priestah to hit an all-time high with a staggering 138 eliminations, over 100% of the entire lobby.

This record-breaking effort came just days after Teep, Symfuhny, DougisRaw and Huskerrs notched up 121 kills on May 15.

All Warzone world records

Record Holder Kills Date
Solos Recrent 43 July 7, 2020
Duos Befra, Thee Beast 68 June 21, 2020
Trios Metaphor, Frozone, Pieman 102 June 17, 2020
Quads (150) Vikkstar123, Cellium, ABeZy & Priestahh 138 May 23, 2020
Solo vs Duos FaZe Bloo 40 June 18, 2020
Solo vs Trios Recrent 58 July 10, 2020
Solo vs Quads (150) ApeX Phanosy 53 May 16, 2020
Duos vs Trios UnRationaL, Reedr 75 May 14, 2020
Duos vs Quads (150) KaizerFN, forpantheon 74 June 1, 2020
Trios vs Quads (200) Aydan, FaZe Swagg, NICKMERCS 108 July 5, 2020

If you know of any other Warzone world record or believe that our current records are incorrect, please let us know by contacting @DexertoINTEL on Twitter.

Article last updated on July 8 at 6:56 PM EST.