Warzone players slam Season 2 Reloaded update claiming Rebirth “isn’t fun anymore”

Warzone players slam Season 2 Reloaded update claiming Rebirth "isn't fun anymore"Activision / Apple

Warzone Rebirth Island players are furious with the Season 2 Reloaded update after finding more “sweaty” demons who are plaguing the mode and ruining the fun of the map.

The Season 2 Reloaded update came out on March 23 with a focus on revamping the fast-paced Rebirth map.

With new POIs, easter eggs, and weapon blueprints, Raven put a lot of emphasis on Rebirth.

However, this is causing an influx of players to load into the mode, which is making casual fans begrudgingly discover how bad the last update actually was for the game.

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Warzone Rebirth players say update ruined the fun

Warzone Rebirth IslandActivision
Casual Rebirth Warzone players are upset with the new update.

In a Reddit post by ‘link1189’ the user talks about how the Season 2 Reloaded update is taking away the fun of the small map.

Link claims that “Rebirth is now full of sweaty players,” which is due to the fact that Raven mainly targeted the mode with this mid-season patch.

Causal players think that this wasn’t good for Warzone as those that just want to relax on Rebirth and play with friends are unable to do so.

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Another said, “the casual exodus, as I like to call it, is causing the lobbies to be filled with sweats. Thus, triggering even more casuals to leave.”

There are plenty of new players trying out Rebirth Reinforced.

When some Redditors asked casual players to just “try harder,” they said that’s not where the fun comes from.

They claim that sweating “sacrifices general fun of the game because they need to win at all costs.” While some people will say that winning is fun, it seems the casual side doesn’t get the same rush out of that.

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It seems to be a trend in the mode, seeing as Warzone players were complaining about “ratty” campers infesting the game just a week ahead of the Reloaded patch.

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