ZLaner slams “delusional” Warzone fans still making hackusations against streamers

Popular Warzone streamer and OpTic Gaming content creator Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane has hit out at the “delusional” fans for constantly throwing out cheating accusations against him and others. 

Many Warzone players will be familiar with the name ZLaner as he’s risen up the ranks over the last year or so, playing alongside Dr Disrespect and others.

Making his mark as one of the highest earners in Warzone, some were so convinced that he was cheating that they even offered his mom thousands of dollars to scan his PC for hacking programs.

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The 24-year-old has made constant attempts to clear his name but has now had enough – slamming the “delusional” fans who repeatedly throw out accusations against him and others.

ZLaner respond to Warzone hacking accusationsYouTube: ZLaner
ZLaner has responded to the accusations made against him numerous times.

ZLaner slams “delusional” Warzone fans for cheating accusations

Despite offering to fly out accusers to watch him play in person to prove his innocence, many are still confident that ZLaner is cheating.

The Warzone star has even pleaded to the Raven Software devs to clear his name but has been unsuccessful in his efforts.

Furthermore, during his appearance on The Eavesdrop Podcast with OpTic Gaming owner H3CZ, he hit out at those still calling him out. “I’ve tweeted at Call of Duty, and I’ve asked for them to sweep my account asking if they can do anything to let these people know,” ZLaner explained.

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“I’m telling you, these people are delusional. It’s like ‘oh yeah you’re whitelisted, you’re making too much money for a multi-billion dollar company’ but I’m making literal crumbs is what I’m giving Call of Duty. I could disappear tomorrow and they wouldn’t even notice!”

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Recently, the Warzone devs have claimed that the Ricochet anti-cheat is only going to “keep growing and get better and better,” as it continues to crack down on hackers.

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Given that he’s proven his innocence before, it’s unlikely that ZLaner will ever get caught up in those crackdowns though.

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