Warzone players claim Rebirth Island is more “ratty” than ever before

. 4 months ago
Warzone players claim Rebirth Island is more "ratty" than ever before
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As Warzone Pacific Season 2 continues to pan out, players that have been grinding Rebirth Island are complaining that the mode has become infested with “rat” campers.

The new season of Warzone has brought loads of new content. Some of the biggest have been centered around Rebirth Island.

With the competitive Iron Trials mode being implemented as well as map changes coming around the Reloaded patch, Rebirth fans have been enjoying the attention.

However, as Warzone devs keep updating this mode, it appears that more “cowards” have appeared – with campers setting up tents all over the place.

Warzone players say camping on Rebirth is at all-time high 

In a Reddit post by ‘ohitsbryanto,’ the user is one of many players that have filed their complaints against Rebirth campers.

Bryanto posted a clip of them running around inside the prison and when they were slide-canceling into a room, they were greeted by “ratty campers.” Two enemies were lying prone in a one-way hall waiting for someone like Bryan to push for a free kill.

Fellow user ‘Yellowtobleron’ said they run into the same problem in most of their games. “There are actually squads of four holding hands in different houses or areas and don’t move, hard scoping, and waiting.”

Redditors argued that Rebirth is made to “play like Multiplayer,” and that people are wasting time by camping. “The camping playstyle doesn’t work and it only screws your K/D and wastes your time.”

warzone rebirth island
Rebirth Island players are mad as Warzone campers are seemingly infesting the mode.

One user was not friendly toward campers and thinks the influx of them is due to people being bad. They said, “average dumba*ses that can’t play for s**t, go ratty, hold hands, only to die half of the matches the second they have to move.”

While there is never going to be a way to eliminate camping from a BR, the Rebirth community feels that players are getting scared to fight and would rather “win and hide” instead of run and gun.

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