All Warzone blueprint weapon locations on Rebirth Reinforced map


As Warzone Season 2 Reloaded brought us Rebirth Reinforced, you need to know where the hot drops are. So, we have compiled a list of every blueprint weapon you can get on and where to find them.

The mid-season update dropped on March 23 with a brand-new Rebirth experience. From new POIs to a Weapon Trade System, there’s a lot to discover.

While players feel out the new environment, they have found stuff like keycards that reward players with rare weapons.

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However, there are also Legendary Blueprints that are hidden on the map and easily accessible. Here’s which weapons are available and where they are located.

Rebirth Reinforced weapon blueprints & locations

There are 15 different blueprint weapons that are chilling around Rebirth after the Season 2 Reloaded update. Reddit user ‘ohhAtaraxia’ provided a map that outlines the general area of these guns.

Reddit: u/ohhAtaraxia
This is where the 15 Rebirth weapon blueprints are located.

Each of these have fully-kitted Legendary weapons that can easily propel you through the early-game and find some victories.

Here are the ones available and where to find them

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  • Swiss K31: Wake Up Call, Stronghold Tower
  • DMR: Piercing Strike, Tents Wall
  • MP5 (MW): Buzzkiller, Tents
  • MAC-10: Cross Multiply, Bottom Control
  • Buren: Spoiled Rotten, Top Prison
  • Kar98k (MW): The Tower, Lighthouse Tower
  • Kilo 141: Homecoming, Nova 6 Basement
  • AMAX: Shadow Realm, Living Quarters
  • Streetsweeper: Brutalizer, Prison Cells under the zipline
  • HDR: Feral, Water Tower
  • Bullfrog: Silent Death, Chemical Engineering/Decon Tunnel
  • Nailgun: Puncture Wound, Prison Yard
  • FFAR: Great Emperor, Shoreline Bunker
  • Stoner: Denominator, Bio Basement
  • R9-0: Krakatoa, Boiler Room at Chemical Engineering
Warzone Rebirth IslandActivision
These blueprints are only good for the current game and are not unlocked forever.

If you’re still having trouble finding them then you can check out ohhAtaraxia’s video, where they show off the exact location of each.

It’s important to note that unlike the Red Room Milano, which could be acquired previously by doing the vault easter egg, these are not permanently unlocked after getting them.

So, if you don’t have these already, they won’t be added to your inventory, but this could server as a good landing spot until you can get your desired loadout.

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