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Warzone players slam game-breaking animations in The Haunting event

Published: 20/Oct/2021 4:23

by Alan Bernal


Warzone’s The Haunting event has huge cross-screen animations and loud sounds that trigger at random. Though it might be fitting for a Halloween mode, players are fuming at the new game-breaking effects.

The seasonal update for Warzone resurrected a fan-favorite limited timed mode with The Haunting. Raven Software cautioned players in the patch notes that this year’s iteration would “set aside traditional competition for a true test of resolve amid fear.”

They even added an additional (and literal) warning that the spooky LTM would feature frightening situations, flashing lights, loud sounds, and unexpected shocks.

This year’s ‘The Haunting’ mode was clearly made to prioritize fun and scary gameplay amid Warzone’s other playlists. But fans aren’t keen on the latest changes.


Warzone players slam The Haunting animations

Thank you activision for making this very fun gamemode. These animations are not annoying at all from CODWarzone

“Thank you Activision for making this very fun game mode,” one player sarcastically wrote. “These animations are not annoying at all.”

Their attached clip showed one of The Haunting’s special animations for the event with a flaming skull ripping across the screen before they were gunned down.

It’s one of the new effects in the special mode that Raven warned about but its direct impact on gameplay can instantly end a run.

In that instance, the player was even using an ultrawide screen where they were able to peak around parts of the skull until it took up the entire monitor.


NRG Warzone pro Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala saw one of these moments and was equally dumbfounded since it led to his death shortly after as well.

These are intentionally intrusive animations that are integrated into the gameplay. Maybe that’s something players will learn to love throughout the Halloween event but people are currently slamming the devs for more than one reason.

“The part that bugs me is how low quality the animations are… like wtf?” another player said. “This is Activision. They have enough money to make it high quality.”

The Haunting will run until November 2 in Warzone and we’ll see if Ravensoft takes early feedback for quick fixes to the once-beloved game mode.