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Warzone pros slam dev’s “stupid” plan to change weapon TTK in Season 1

Published: 8/Jan/2022 23:51 Updated: 8/Jan/2022 23:57

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone devs have revealed that they plan to raise the TTK of all guns by lowering weapon ADS speed, which has pros fuming as they think it’s an awful idea.

Warzone follows a weapons cycle, a few become strong and emerge as the meta for a couple of weeks. Then, devs nerf those to make way for others to shine in the spotlight.

This process never ends as it is unrealistic to make every gun have the exact same time-to-kill. So this has sparked a long debate on how Raven Software should balance everything.

Now, the devs have revealed their plan on raising the TTK on all guns, and let’s just say the community is not in favor of the change.


Warzone players hate plan to increase TTK

As seen in the Tweet, Raven Software revealed that they “will be decreasing base ADS Speeds across all titles.” They believe that this will increase the TTK on every weapon in the game

Shortly after they revealed this, tons of popular Warzone pros and streamers started flaming Raven for this decision.

Players don’t think it’s a remotely good idea to touch ADS speed when they could just make bullets do less damage.

Aydan is one of many that are extremely confused with how a longer ADS speed for every weapon will make longer TTKs. Guns like the Akimbo Double-Barrel, Swagg’s AS44 build, and others that hip-fire would see no change.


TeeP was another person that jumped in on the criticism as he’s confused why the devs aren’t just taking the problem head-on.

Symfuhny agrees that guns need longer TTKs but thinks they are tackling it the wrong way.

Other Warzone players put their two cents in and all of them were on the same page, increasing the ADS speed of guns just isn’t the right move. SMGs like the MP-40 are very oppressive and players are constantly finding hip-fire loadouts which would make the ADS change irrelevant.

Players want to see the actual TTK of weapons nerfed and not other aspects that impact it. By directly lowering the damage of weapons it would make the TTK longer, but for now, that is not Raven’s plan so we will have to wait and see if they adjust after the community outburst.