Warzone’s weirdest debate yet is about the design of toilets in Caldera

Nathan Warby
Warzone logo and picture of toilets

Since moving to Warzone Pacific, users have been so busy getting to grips with the new guns and features, that some of the smaller details may have been overlooked. Now that they’ve time to settle in, players have noticed the setup of Caldera’s toilets, and they’re confused.

If you’re dropping into Caldera for the very first time, there are plenty of different features that could catch your eye. Whether it be the dizzying number of weapons or the stunning POIs based on real Pacific locations.

Ever since we moved into Warzone Pacific, the game has embraced a World War II aesthetic for players to take in. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a history buff, there are more than a few little nods to seek out.

The last thing you might pay attention to is the layout of Caldera’s toilets. Well, players have now taken notice, and it’s led to one of the most bizarre debates since the game launched.

Caldera Capital and Ali’iolani Hale
Activision / Historic Hawaii Foundation
Warzone prides itself on realism, and the lavatories are no exception.

Reddit user thepestiIence posted a screenshot in the official Warzone subreddit, kick-starting the discussion. They were baffled that Caldera’s toilets were all situated in line, with no cubicles to protect the modesty of anyone using them.

Shocked by the lack of privacy, the poster asked, “so did ppl used to sh*t together or wassup [sic]?” Even players who claimed to have experience in the Air Force said they at least had “walls,” but “no doors.”

Luckily, some users in the know were on hand to clarify the situation.

It turns out that a layout like this is a standard practice among army boot camps. “When you’re in boot camp there aren’t any walls separating the sh***ers. You’re doing your business in front of everyone.”

“Went to active duty, got stationed at Fort Polk, and they were exactly like this too,” said another. “Most of us got our schedule down to where no one else was in there.”

Based on other comments, this setup was a relatively familiar sight outside of the armed forces in the past, and this was clearly news to some of Warzone’s younger players.

That’s another Warzone mystery solved with the help of the game’s dedicated fanbase. If you’re not sure what to do with this newfound information, don’t worry – we’re not either.