Warzone players baffled by game-breaking ADS glitch

Kar98k being used in Modern Warfare with Warzone Pacific logoActivision

A new game-breaking Warzone bug is making it impossible for players to see through the scope when using a sniper rifle.

Warzone’s integration with Call of Duty: Vanguard and the release of the newest map Caldera on December 9 has brought a slew of bugs to the battle royale.

From transforming into a plane mid-game to your operator’s nose covering your reticle, the devs have quite a lot of tasks on their hands to fix a lot of common issues that players are facing.

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To add to the list, a new game-breaking bug that makes it impossible to see through the scope when using a sniper rifle has now surfaced.

warzone pacific sea wreckActivision
Things look very different from Verdansk in the new Caldera map.

A Reddit post from Warzone player Kaaaaos on December 17 has revealed a new bug that is preventing you from aiming down your scope when using a sniper.

The post was titled “Well this is new for me,” and showed the player about to bag a quick kill with their sniper until the bug got in the way.

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Kaaaaos’s Reddit thread has since attracted a good amount of attention from the community who, of course, decided to poke fun.

“Oh, they nerfed Kar98 again,” said one player. “That’s what you get for not using the new Kar98 from Vanguard,” commented another, joking about the matter. Other players attempted to give ‘helpful’ advice: “Ummmmm just take the cap off, genius!”

It’s unclear exactly how widespread this bug is at the time of writing, but if it becomes more of a common issue, players should expect Raven to fix it before long.

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