Warzone players discover possible hint at dinosaurs for Season 3

Activision / Frontier

Warzone Season 2 may just be getting underway, but fans are already looking forward to Season 3 as they find a little Easter egg that could hint toward dinosaurs running the island. 

The new season of Warzone has bought game-changing fixes. Along with the massive quality of life update and the addition of redeploy balloons, players are getting that fresh feeling again.

Even though the season is still fairly new, the community is already looking forward to what’s to come.

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After discovering a token in plain sight on Caldera, fans are now predicting that Warzone will get a Jurassic Park theme in the near future.

Warzone discovery hints at Season 3 dinosaurs

In a Reddit post by ‘aur0n’ a picture of this token, a little toy dinosaur found at Peak. Now, players are bringing out some wild conspiracy theories.

Players think that this little green animal means that Warzone could be getting some sort of dinosaur action soon.

One Redditor said, “Jurassic Park integration with Season 3. New Meta: The Raptor” And another added that the next theme should be called “Jurassic Warfare.”

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Players seemed to be in love with this, calling it a “billion dollar idea” and wanting to see it happen. A fan added, “Sounds kinda lit to be honest.”

Dinosaur Warzone packActivision
Warzone already has some dinosaur themed bundles in the game.

If this were to come to Warzone, that could mean something like a tyrannosaurus rex could hunt you down on the map.

While Warzone already had Krampus running around Caldera, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to have dinosaurs do the same.  With rumors of King Kong coming to the game this could be hinting at an event or theme in the future of Warzone.

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Season 3 of Warzone Pacific is expected to release at the end of March or beginning of April, so if this becomes a feature then, it is still a ways away.