Warzone players discover mysterious new victory cutscene teasing Vanguard’s redhead sniper

. 11 months ago

With recent leaks of Call of Duty: Vanguard being a World War II theme, players are excited to see it integrated into Warzone. Players have found a new cutscene after winning a game that previews a WWII famous female sniper. 

For months it has been rumored that the next installment of CoD will be named Vanguard, and based on a WWII theme.

These rumors have also been teasing players that there will be a new map in Warzone that is completely WWII-related. Meaning vehicles, buildings, and weapons from the war will be added into the game.

Players have found a new cutscene after winning a match that shows a female WWII sniper. This latest bone thrown at the community by Activision has the community wondering who this redhead sniper is and why she’s being showcased.

CoD WWII gameplay
Vanguard is rumored to be WWII themed and have a Warzone integration.

Warzone players want to know who “Polina” is

Players have discovered that after winning a game of Warzone there is a new special cutscene that will play.

This shows your players ascending up to the heli but one person getting sniped and falling to their death. The camera then pans over to this WWII redhead sniper, Polina.

This has the community in an uproar trying to figure out who this is and why she is being portrayed in Warzone. In a previous leak, we found out that Polina would be an operator coming to Vanguard.

In a new CoD 2021 teaser sent to Russian content creators, we get a few more answers as to who this person is.

You’ll notice on the gun it has writing that translates to, “Petrova” which the community thinks could be Polina’s last name.

Polina is said to be based on Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a Soviet sniper whose nickname was “Lady Death.” Pavlichenko is considered the most deadly female sniper in history.

It has yet to be confirmed if this is exactly who Polina is meant to be, but the dots are connecting. Players can check out all our information regarding Vanguard as more news is released.

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