Cold War Zombies player’s silly Grapple Gun experiment ends with ridiculous bug

. 11 months ago
call of duty black ops cold war zombies grapple gun bug broken

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone fans are no strangers to bugs, but a Zombies player has discovered one of the weirdest ones yet. After trying to use the Grapple Gun on something they shouldn’t have, they reaped hilariously bugged karma.

Grapple Guns are very fun additions to Zombies in Season 5. You zip, zip, zoop and travel through time and space like some sort of high-mobility phenomenon. But you have to be careful because some things are not meant for grappling.

The perfect example of this is in Cold War’s Zombies, where a player had an ingenious idea to go where no grappler had gone before. After completing Dragon Relic side quests in Outbreak, the dragon structure then rockets off into space.

For grapple-happy players, the idea of latching onto a reptilian spaceship is exciting. But, as Reddit’s ‘wubwubcat2’ found out the hard way, doing so may flip your entire game upside down… literally.

In the clip, you see wubwub pitter patter around as the dragon prepares to lift off and then — right as the rocket launches — they grapple onto its side. For a moment, it works spectacularly, as wubwub is lifted into the sky with great speed.

In the next moment, they’re sent back toward land, opening their parachute and heeding the force of gravity. Unfortunately, it seems that grappling onto spaceships is not an intended feature in Outbreak, as wubwub lands sideways and… stays sideways.

In another clip, a user actually stayed on the grapple (instead of getting scared by the flames) and managed to get very high up before falling back down to earth. No bug seen in that one, so it appears the bug is restricted to early ejectors.

Since the Grapple Gun is new to Season 5, it’s not surprising that there are some wrinkles that still need to be ironed out. And wubwub wasn’t surprised either, as they explained, “I did kind of go seeking trouble, to be fair.”

For now, players need to know one thing when jumping into Outbreak with a Grapple Gun: If you’re going to do something you probably shouldn’t, follow through with it.

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