Warzone players claim hacking and cheating is getting worse again in Season 2

Warzone characters firing weaponsActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players report that hacking is starting to get worse again in the battle royale, even after the game’s developers said they are taking a hardline approach to cheaters. 

Despite Warzone’s incredible popularity, the game’s first year has been unquestionably marred by the prevalence of hacking and cheating. Players and content creators have criticized publishers Activision for their failure to sufficiently deal with the problems.

Back in February, the triple-A company confirmed 60,000 accounts had been banned and, despite the backlash from the community, the game does have an anti-cheat system in place to identify and ban players using hacks and other exploits. Many, though, suggested that 60,000 was actually a minute amount given the number of Warzone players there are – confirmed to be upwards of 75 million.

Warzone character with a sniperActivision
Activision have confirmed that over 75 million people have played Warzone since launch.

The insufficient nature of the ban wave appears to have frustrated the community, with many claiming that the hacking issues are only worsening in the game’s second season, which dropped at the end of February.

One player, Redditor ATK42, claimed that wall hackers are “ubiquitous”, and cheaters are growing “more and more common every day”.

“It’s insane how many cheaters there are and how blind people seem to be at how problematic the cheating is especially at higher MMRs,” they said. “When I play in Diamond 3 or better lobbies, there is ALWAYS a wallhacker now. Legit every single game.”

“Please do something about the hackers,” another said. “This is ridiculous. Just got killed by two hackers in quads, they won with about 60 kills between them. They’re new levels (new accounts) and are clearly aim-botting and possibly wall hacking.

The calls are not necessarily new, but many echoed the suggestions that the frequency with which they encounter cheaters has worsened in Season 2.

Many are still expecting more from Activision, especially given their status as one of the world’s most foremost video game publishers.

Whether the renewed calls actually lead to change is another matter, but players’ frustrations are growing and will continue to do so if Warzone’s issues continue to worsen.