Warzone players call for night maps return but even more extreme for Halloween event

Connor Bennett
Warzone night mode on Verdansk

Call of Duty: Warzone players have called for the return of the battle royale’s nighttime modes, but they want the spookiness to be ramped up a little higher. 

When Warzone first burst onto the gaming scene over a year ago, it came with one map – Verdansk. While players enjoyed the larger setting, it didn’t take long before they wanted changes. 

Over time, the map has been tweaked – both with smaller additions and larger makeovers – and has even been joined in the map pool by the smaller Rebirth Island. 

One of the most popular changes to the two maps came when nighttime modes were added. In the case of Verdansk, this came through the Haunting of Verdansk – a Halloween event that also brought spooky changes to the map. 

Warzone’s night mode changes the way some players attack games.

Well, as players have gotten frustrated with the battle royale’s original map, they want changes, and many want the nighttime mode to come back sooner rather than later. 

“Warzone peaked at last Halloween, bring Verdansk at night back,” called Redditor Kaaaaos. Their plea was quickly followed by other players. “The old map at night was the best map they’ve had,” said one. “I sucked so hard at that mode but it was my favorite. I hope they bring it back,” added another.

Though, if it was to return, some fans would want more terrors lurking in the dark. “Verdansk at night was cool, I was hoping they’d spook it up more than they did,” noted JustThat0neGuy. “They def gotta make it way darker,” another agreed. “Would be cool if they made it really dark like the dark maps in MW,” suggested one fan.

Those calls might be answered when Halloween comes back around as leakers have claimed that an ‘All Hallows Eve’ event with a Ghostface skin is in the works. 

Of course, that’s months away at this point and players might find something else to play in the meantime, so fans will likely just have to be patient for now.