Warzone players blast “crazy fast” TTK ruining MW3 Season 1 already

Connor Bennett
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Call of Duty Warzone players have already made a few complaints about the TTK in the new update, with a few being unsure about how powerful rifles are. 

Over the last few years, Call of Duty fans have had a few complaints with both Warzone and the regular multiplayer mode. Many of them have centered around SBMM – skill-based matchmaking – but it’s also TTK – Time to Kill – that has gotten their backs up. 

The TTK has varied across each new release, with it simply being too fast for some players in one game and then going totally the opposite way in the next. 

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When it comes to Warzone, many players have stated that they just want a good middle ground. Well, with the Season 1 update going live and bringing Urzkistan into the mix, some fans have already gotten annoyed with how it feels. 

Warzone players furious with TTK after MW3 update

Many players, including Redditor GroundbreakingKey964, have flagged weapons like the DG-56 being slightly too fast right now and probably needing to be changed. “Full health and I get insta-killed without any warning,” they said, complaining about the TTK. 

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That example led to a few players chiming in with their own annoyances. “I feel like the gunplay and TTK is off, everything else feels great imo,” stated one player. “DMR meta TTK, and sh*tty audio, they really did bring back WZ1 :D,” another joked. 

“I enjoyed it a lot yesterday but not so much today. TTK feels incredibly inconsistent. Most guns I pick up feel awful and aiming on PC feels unnatural,” another commented. 

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Other players added that the “crazy fast TTK” has “hampered what is a fantastic update,” though some tried to argue that was always going to be the case and some adjustment is needed. 

Obviously, the TTK of different weapons is going to be changed with each seasonal update, but it’s unknown if the devs will consider a health change to alter it on a bigger scale.

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