Warzone players furious as “awful” audio is already ruining Urkzistan

Brianna Reeves
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Call of Duty: Warzone’s “awful” game audio is making it difficult for some players to enjoy the brand-new Urkzistan map.

Sound-related issues have plagued Warzone in all of its forms for several years. Some issues result in sound effects not accounting for verticality. In other cases, directional gunshot audio has proven problematic, a particularly troublesome hiccup given Call of Duty’s competitive nature.

The biggest problem for many players has revolved around inconsistent footstep audio, another issue that hinders the competitive experience.

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Unfortunately, these bugs remain unresolved, such that even new and exciting content releases are hard to enjoy in full. The recent rollout of Warzone’s Urzikstan map has forced the issue into the limelight once again.

Warzone fans frustrated new update is filled with audio troubles

The Season 1 update for Modern Warfare 3 just added the Urzikstan locale to Warzone. However, some players are trying to call attention to the egregious audio bugs holding the experience back.

“Yo @RavenSoftware where is the footstep and game audio? Why are players just running up on us and no audio at all,” tweeted CharlieIntel not long after the patch went live.

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Warzone content creator Rhys Price brought up the same concern on social media, to which another creator responded by saying the “audio made me get off.”

Unsurprisingly, the same discussion is making the rounds on Reddit, with one user calling Warzone’s audio outright “awful.” The comments show that many couldn’t agree with this sentiment more.

Absent footstep sounds remain one of the biggest critiques. One person in the Reddit thread said they’re basically nonexistent. After running tests with a few friends, the player claimed the “only thing that’s audible is the sound of character(s) running (clothes, holsters, whatnot).”

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Another user commented on the inconsistency of the game’s audio. “The sound is terrible. Doors, windows and water are loud as hell. Steps and gun noise are non-existent.”

As has become a trend in this regard, there’s no telling if or when developer Raven Software will issue a fix anytime soon.

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