Warzone players blast decision to increase Fortune’s Keep player count

Ryan Lemay
Fortune's Keep in Warzone

Be careful what you wish for, as Warzone players immediately regret asking for a higher player count on Fortune’s Keep.

Warzone Season 5 introduced massive map changes. From Monday through Thursday, a playlist rotation keeps the experience fresh for players. However, players were furious over Rebirth Island getting left out of the main rotation.

The battle royale’s final update also increased Fortune’s Keep’s player count. Raven Software experimented with an LTM in July, adding a higher player count to Fortune’s Keep, and players enjoyed it.

Raven decided to make increased player count a permanent fixture in Season 5, but the change was not met with the same positive reception.

overhead view of fortune's keep map in cod warzone
Fortune’s Map has done wonders for Warzone since the map launched.

Warzone players slam Fortune’s Keep changes

Here are the new player count numbers on Fortune’s Keep:

  • Solos: 50 players, up from 45
  • Duos: 50 players up from 46
  • Trios: 51 players, up from 45
  • Quads: 52 players, up from 40

The new lobby sizes are not a drastic change, but it was enough to set off the Warzone community.

Not liking an increased player count, a Reddit user argued: “It’s already a smaller hectic map, and the increased player count makes the mode nearly impossible to use any strategy.”

Arguing Warzone moved away from the battle royale formula, one player claimed, “Feels more like COD multiplayer with this many people, and very little opportunity for any kind of strategy.”

A second user added, “Resurgence is a nicely balanced middle ground between all-out battle royale and MP. The added player count just makes it closer to MP-style.”

Average players feel overwhelmed by the change, and a third player claimed, “It just feels suffocating. There is no opportunity to loot, buy loadout, or rotate without constantly fighting off one or two other teams.”

Fortune’s Keep has been nothing short of a revelation since its arrival, but some players believe this is a step back from the developers.