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Twitch bans Warzone streamer using ‘soft’ aimbot hack on stream

Published: 17/Jul/2021 10:22

by Joe Craven


Streaming platform Twitch have banned a Warzone content creator known as ‘chrissoaresgtr’, after it became apparent to viewers that he was using a ‘soft’ aimbot hack while playing Call of Duty’s battle royale. 

Despite its millions of players and backing from Activision, Warzone has suffered from considerable cheating issues, with thousands of players striving to gain illicit and unfair advantages.

Many have criticized the response of developers Raven and publishers Activision in inhibiting players’ ability to cheat. On July 16, Raven confirmed that another 50,000 accounts have been banned, taking the total of banned accounts towards 600,000.

Despite the ban waves, plenty of players continue to lobby Activision to implement a more robust anti-cheat system, which would inhibit many players from being able to hack in the first place. Any player found to be hacking would be automatically banned by the game’s system.


While some hacks are blatant, others, like the Cronus Zen and ‘soft’ aimbot are far harder to spot. However, one Twitch streamer who evaded Raven’s July 16 ban wave was quickly caught by eagle-eyed viewers and banned by Twitch.

Streamer ‘chrissoaresgtr’ somehow managed to avoid detection in Activision’s banning spree, but viewers realized that even when his crosshairs and aim seemed off, bullets connect with little to no explanation. The natural conclusion is hacks of some sort, allowing his bullets to connect even when his accuracy leaves a lot to be desired.

Many Redditors reported the streamer, and Twitch promptly banned his channel.


Activision: We have blocked 50k acccounts. And streamer plays on Twitch with silent aim, shoots into the air and all bullets hit… from CODWarzone

Despite the success of banning a cheater from Twitch, many Redditors were still disappointed that he had managed to evade Activision’s own ban wave.

There are also concerns about the ability of cheaters to simply create new accounts and continue to cheat. It’s an ongoing battle, but the average Warzone player certainly wants to see more decisive action from the game’s publisher.