Warzone player discovers secret room on Fortunes Keep map

Warzone Fortune's Keep mapActivision

A Warzone player discovered a secret room on Fortunes Keep that awards rare loot.

For years Call of Duty developers have included easter eggs in Zombies, and the secrets carried over to Warzone. Fortunes Keep features several tricks, such as zombies in Warzone, hidden loot, and secret rooms.

Warzone Season 4 introduced Fortunes Keep, and it didn’t take long for fans to claim it being “better than Rebirth Island.” Months after its introduction into the battle royale, players are still discovering secrets scatter around the tropical island.

A player discovered a secret room on Fortunes Keep without even intending to unearth an easter egg.

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smuggler's cove warzone season 4Smugglers Cove is one of the many main POIs in Fortunes Keep.

How to access the secret room on Fortunes Keep

A Reddit user shared the steps required for finding a secret room on Fortunes Keep.

“In the town, near the buy station closest to the graveyard, there’s a two-story building. It overlooks the little fountain/plaza area. If you throw a knife at the dartboard and hit the bullseye, it opens up a secret room.”

The player said they were messing around in the early game and happened to stumble across the room.

One player responded, “The number of times I’ve run into that door.”

As a second user noted, the easter egg is actually a call back from Black Ops 4’s battle royale map; “A cool nod to the blackout map. Same thing in the mine.. throw something at a dart board, and the prison cell opens up (which usually had a box in it).”

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A third played shared another secret: “That’s awesome you found this on accident. If you enjoy this kind of stuff, you should take two wine bottles to the keep banquet room.”

There are undoubtedly more secrets left uncovered for players to discover on Fortunes Keep.