How to summon Zombies in Fortune’s Keep with new Warzone easter egg

. 14 days ago
Warzone Zombie Fortune's Keep

Although the new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map has nothing to do with the undead, a surprise Zombies easter egg is tucked away to not only catch players off-guard, but also provide some strong early-game loot. Here’s how it all works.

With Warzone’s mega-sized Season 4 update came a brand-new Battle Royale map for just the fourth time in the game’s history. Fortune’s Keep is similar in scope to Rebirth Island though the new locale is packed full of exclusive features and even a few surprises.

While the map itself is located amid the Adriatic Sea, that hasn’t stopped some other-worldly foes from making their presence known. That’s right, Zombies can appear on Fortune’s Keep and we’ve got the full rundown on how to make it happen.

Warzone Fortune's Keep gameplay
Fortune’s Keep may look peaceful, but an undead surprise lays just below the surface.

Fortune’s Keep Zombie Easter Egg guide

Drop into the Graveyard POI

First things first, as this is an undead-themed easter egg, you’ll need to drop at the Graveyard POI on Fortune’s Keep. Thankfully, this is a rather small location as your job now is to search it over with a fine-tooth comb.

Light three candles

Once you’re at the Graveyard, look around for some candles in the vicinity. There are three to find in total, though their location is randomized with each game. 

Warzone candles on Fortune's Keep
Candles might be hard to spot so be sure to spread out and search the entire POI.

Some may appear on the ground inside, others may be hidden on various shelves, so take your time and properly sweep the area.

Once all three candles have been lit, you’ll hear some ominous laughter to trigger the next step.

Pay respects to summon a Zombie

With all three candles lit, it’s time to pay some respects to the classic CoD meme. Look for a tombstone with some yellow flowers in front of it. From there, head directly left and stand in front of the next, smaller gravestone.

Here, you’ll find the prompt to pay respects and in doing so, will spawn a Zombie out of the ground.

Warzone Zombie on Fortune's Keep
Killing this secret Zombie is a great early-game strategy on Fortune’s Keep.

Kill Zombie for free loot

Now exactly what you do with this Zombie is entirely your call. You could always lead the undead foe around to another POI and get it to attack nearby enemies. 

But for the best value, it’s worth taking care of the Zombie yourself and gunning it down as early as possible. After being wiped out, this target drops an assortment of loot, cash, and more often than not, a self-revive to help get the ball rolling. 

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