Warzone Pacific’s Kar98k dominates the Swiss K31 amid “no flinch” bug

Kar98k being used in Modern Warfare with Warzone Pacific logoActivision

Warzone’s Kar98k sniper rifle (we know it’s a marksman rifle) appears to be stronger than ever, with YouTuber TrueGameData highlighting its complete lack of flinch following the Vanguard integration and transition to Caldera. 

Warzone’s long-distance weapons have been dominated in recent seasons by the Modern Warfare Kar98k and Black Ops Cold War’s Swiss K31. Both snipers are reliable, forgiving, and quick, making them formidable options when it comes to tagging, downing, and eliminating enemies across the map.

Naturally, discussion has centered on which is the better of the two, but they are incredibly difficult to separate.

However, that may be changing in Vanguard Season 1 after Warzone stats guru TrueGameData uncovered a major benefit when using the Kar98k.

Warzone sniper w logoActivision
The Swiss challenged the Kar’s reign of Warzone dominance.

In a December 11 tweet, he highlighted the major differences in flinch between the two following Vanguard’s integration and the switch to Warzone Pacific.

While both snipers received nerfs to make them kick more (essentially making accurate shots while being hit far more difficult), using the Kar98k and the flinch perk negates almost all kick.

TrueGameData explained: “So you hate the flinch nerfs to the Swiss and Kar? Use the Kar with the flinch perk. It is bugged and you have literally no flinch. This will [be] patched very soon I am sure, so go fry while you can. Apparently, it has been this way for a while, I didn’t realize it.”

Attached was a clip showing the incredible difference between the Swiss and Kar98k while coming under enemy fire. While the Swiss kicks considerably, TGD is able to keep his reticle firmly fixed on the enemy when equipping the Kar.

As TGD pointed out, it does appear to be a mistake on Raven’s part, with them more than likely making the original nerfs to bring the strength of both snipers down.

Regardless, hop in and use the Kar98k while it’s undoubtedly the stronger of the two.