Warzone pros JoeWo, Symfunhy, more excited as devs announce weapon bloom removal

Alec Mullins
JoeWo and Symfuhny on a Warzone Pacific graphic

Raven Software has announced that weapon bloom will be removed from all guns in Warzone, and pro players like JoeWo and Symfuhny are just a few that are celebrating the occasion. 

The concept of randomized weapon bloom comes from Call of Duty Vanguard and was added to Warzone to keep things even between the two experiences.

Bloom is a system that makes it harder to guess where each bullet a player fires is going to land. While your aim could be spot-on, bloom destabilizes the predicted landing spot.

While Warzone Pacific has only been available for three days yet, Raven has decided to pull the concept from the game entirely, starting with a drastic nerf as they find a way to balance the weapons in another fashion.

Pros react to Warzone removing weapon bloom

Bald warzone character running with gold gun
Weapon bloom is no more in Warzone.

Raven announced this change in the December 10 update patch notes and it took no time at all for the community to share their feelings about the decision.

On the competitive side of things, NRG’s JoeWo led the party by declaring his passion for the lead studio behind Warzone: “We [love] Raven!”

Fellow Warzone star Symfuhny joined in on the celebration by thanking the devs for listening to player feedback in their game: “This is huge! Thank you.”

100T’s Tommey also showed the studio some love for how fast they have been rolling out improvements since the launch of Warzone Pacific: “Updates and fixes flying out, love it.”

Pros aren’t the only ones who are happy about the fix though, as even the casual community is getting in on the fun.

In reply to Raven’s announcement one user joked about how this fix might save their gameplay: “Maybe I’ll finally be able to shoot straight.”

There are still plenty of problems for the studio to take care of, like the crashing problems on PlayStation and the dreaded “demon gun” texture that has recently returned.

However, this change has been widely welcomed by players, which is a positive for Raven.