Warzone just banned 90,000 cheaters but players demand more ban waves

Connor Bennett
Warzone pacific character pointing gun at enemy

The Call of Duty: Warzone devs have once again swung the ban hammer in a big way, with over 90,000 accounts being banned in a series of ban waves. 

It’s been over two years since Warzone was first released onto the gaming world, and in that time, it’s had more than its fair share of issues with cheaters and suspect accounts.

As hackers have taken over the battle royale at times, the devs have been in a constant firefight to prevent them from completely ruining things for others. That’s resulted in countless ban waves and the introduction of the Ricochet anti-cheat software – even though some players are still skeptical of its powers.

Well, in response to those skeptics, Raven Software have added another insane amount of accounts to the game’s banned list, as they continue the clean-up efforts.

RICOCHET anti cheat logo
RICOCHET was first introduced back in December, but players have had their doubts on whether it’s working.

After announcing some of the changes coming to Rebirth Island in the near future with the “Reinforced” map update, the developers also noted that they’d been rooting out some of the most suspect accounts in Warzone.

“#TeamRICOCHET update: 90,000 accounts were removed in ban waves this week. Happy Friday,” they said, which immediately led to some celebrations from players.

“I’ve noticed less cheaters tbh. Keep it up!” said one impressed player. “Haven’t come across a hacker in a while, GG,” another added.


Of course, not everybody shared in the excitement of the ban wave, with many stating that the anti-cheat needs “tuning up” if they’re only banning 90,000 accounts a week.

Others quizzed the devs on just how many were “innocent” accounts were caught in the crossfire too, with some stating that they’d been hit in the ban wave despite being a low K/D player.

Players who believe they have a case for being wrongfully banned can submit a support ticket with the developers. Though, for those legitimate cheaters who’ve been banned, it might be tough to return to the fight.

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