Warzone hacker shows off unreleased Judge Dredd skin during win

Warzone hacker shows off unreleased Judge Dredd skin during winActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been extremely excited since the release of Season 5 Reloaded. With this update, it was announced that Judge Dredd will be coming to the game with an operator skin. While players await its arrival, a hacker took the chance to showcase this after winning a game on Verdansk.

Previously, Warzone integrated an 80’s Action Heroes bundle, which included skins for Rambo and John McClane. While this saw much success, Activision announced that Judge Dredd will be coming to the game during Season 5.

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With no set release date, players are still waiting to get the skin and drop into Verdansk with it, but one hacker decided they wanted the skin now.

Judge Dredd LeakActivision
An in-game image of the Judge Dredd skin was leaked earlier in Season 5.

Warzone hacker shows off new Judge Dredd skins before release

Hackers have been running loose on the streets of Verdansk for quite some time. At one point, they were unlocking all camos for players and even putting camos from Zombies into Warzone before it was allowed.

One Redditor, Copy_Code, was in a game with hackers and posted this image showing off their latest work. In this hackers edition, they decided they wanted to show off the unreleased Judge Dredd skin that is coming later in Season 5 Reloaded.

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Judge Dredd Cartoon LeaksActivision
This hacker gave themself early access to the comic book style Judge Dredd skin.

Despite ruining the fun of the lobby by dropping 80 kills and winning the game, these hackers did some good to the community. They showcased the soon-to-be-released Judge Dredd, comic book variant, operator skin.

Judge Dredd is coming with two different skin variants, one in his normal, crime-fighting colorized outfit, and another in a comic book-stylized, cel-shaded variant in black and white, which was shown off by the hacker.

This gave players a great look at the skin and can make their decision a bit easier when deciding if they want to buy it or not when it’s properly released to the community.

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