Warzone streamer shadow banned after using “exploit” to reach level 1000

Zackerie Fairfax
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Warzone streamer Tasty has been shadowbanned by Raven Software after reaching level 1,000 only two days into Season 5.

On August 24, Warzone launched into its fifth and potentially final season before the release of Modern Warfare 2. And Warzone content creator TastyFPS quickly released a video showing how he was able to reach level 1000 in just two days.

A video released on August 27 detailed how Tasty was able to run a loop on Fortune’s Keep that allowed him to continuously open chests for almost the entire match. And thanks to an XP buff, each chest grants the player 400 XP.

He also stated that the guaranteed fire sale after the first circle allowed him to earn even more XP per match since he would be wracking up thousands of dollars while opening chests. But Raven Software didn’t take too kindly to the unintentional XP farm they created.

Tasty shadow banned for too much XP

On September 2 – six days after Tasty’s video went live – he posted to Twitter showing that Raven Software shadow banned his account.

He stated that he had realized something had happened before Raven sent the notification as he started running into lobbies full of cheaters.

This started a debate among Warzone players as many started to call Tasty’s XP farm an exploit. Others claimed he didn’t exploit anything, rather he abused a buffed XP system.

While this likely wasn’t the intention Raven Software had when making chest XP higher than normal, many players didn’t consider Tasty opening a larger number of chests to be an exploit.

On August 3, Tasty decided to use his alt account named ‘im not cheatin’ since he wouldn’t be able to play on his main until the review was over.

However, Raven allegedly shadow-banned his alt in less than an hour after he posted it on Twitter.

Regardless, Tasty didn’t act like this was a big deal as he mentioned multiple times on Twitter that he had been shadow-banned in the past. He stated the ban was likely caused by a large number of players reporting his account after seeing how high his level was in such a short period of time.

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