Unbelievable Warzone fail proves why you need to be aggressive in Gulag

Jaret Kappelman
Unbelievable Warzone fail proves why you need to be aggressive in Gulag

Warzone Season 5 brought a new Gulag experience to the game. This introduced a new arena for players to fight for their redeployment. However, things went wrong for one player after not being aggressive and failing to kill an AFK person.

With the integration of Season 5 into Warzone, the fan-favorite map, Rush, was brought into Verdansk as the Gulag.

The Gulag is one of Warzone’s most famous places, players are sent here after their first death on Verdansk and fight another player for redeployment.

It’s a 1-on-1 gunfight with a predetermined loadout and usually, the best way to win the battle is flying at your enemy and gunning them down. This clip will remind you to do just that.

Warzone gulag
Playing aggressively in the Gulag is key to catching your enemy by surprise.

Warzone player loses Gulag fight to AFK opponent

When it’s your turn to fight in the Gulag you are focused on one thing and only one thing, killing your enemy and dropping back into Verdansk. If you wait too long then you need to capture the objective in the middle.

Occasionally, things can go wrong if you don’t take a gunfight. This Reddit clip posted by ‘Super_Avocado’ shows exactly why you need to be aggressive in the Gulag.

You can see another player spectating waiting for their match to start. Meanwhile, the two players facing off against one another ends hilariously wrong for one player.

One person is running around playing angles while the other is legit just not playing the game. Eventually, enough time passes and the capture point comes up, and still, the one player doesn’t make any move toward the flag.

This results in a tie and both players are eliminated from the game. All of this happened because the one person was too scared to push and take a gunfight that would’ve been free.

Take this as a friendly reminder to have some confidence your their gun skills and take the challenges so you don’t end up like this unfortunate person.