Warzone hacker confirms latest hardware bans prevent making new accounts

Jaret Kappelman

Warzone players have been frustrated with the amount of hackers they are running into. The devs have been trying to clean the streets with their “anti-cheat.” A hacker confirmed that his latest ban wont let him play on any accounts.

For quite some time, the Warzone community has been begging Raven Software to do something about all the cheaters running loose.

The devs have been doing sweeps periodically to help eliminate these accounts, but players have complained that this did nothing. They claimed this just let the hackers make fresh accounts to cheat on.

Well it appears that the devs were listening and it seems that hackers will no longer be able to get banned, create a new account, and cheat again in Warzone.

New Warzone God Mode Hack
Warzone hackers are starting to get hardware banned in latest update.

Warzone hacker says he can’t make new accounts 

Raven Software has been working on upping its strategy to deal with hackers. Some of the latest information suggested that hackers that were banned wouldn’t be able to make new accounts.

This TikTok went viral after this hacker who said, “I’ve been hacking for a little bit,” showed off his banned Warzone account.

It may seem weird that someone admits to cheating, but this person is showing off that his accounts are indeed banned. He says that he can’t play on accounts that he has never played on, “so they hardware banned my s**t,” he said.

He goes on to add that he is happy for Activision as this will allow for content creators to return to Warzone. This is a great step for the dev team and players as the streets of Verdansk start to get cleaned up.

With the launch of Vanguard, it’s confirmed there will be a proper anti-cheat integrated into Warzone. For now, players are hopeful this will start to lower the hacker population.