Warzone players forced to change loadout perks to counter new Combat Scout

Alex Garton. Last updated: Aug 17, 2021
Warzone Combat Scout perk

Following the release of the new Warzone perks, players have been forced to drop E.O.D and run Cold-Blooded in order to counter Combat Scout.

Ever since the release of Warzone, both Double Time and E.O.D have dominated the Perk 1 slot, with players running one of the two almost every single game.

Well, that was until Season 5, when both Tempered and Combat Scout were added to the game.

Although Tempered has settled into the meta as a balanced option for aggressive players, Combat Scout has taken over the Perk 3 slot and became a top-tier pick alongside Amped.

In an attempt to counter Combat Scout, players have begun running Cold-Blooded in the Perk 1 slot, making E.O.D and Double Time less popular in Season 5.

Warzone new perks
Combat Scout is one of the most popular perks in slot 3.

Warzone players forced to use Cold-Blooded to counter new perk

Before the Season 5 update, the majority of Warzone players chose between E.O.D and Double Time in the Perk 1 slot. Now, in order to counter Combat Scout, Cold-Blooded has become the second most picked perk in slot 1 behind Double Time.

According to WZRanked, E.O.D has a pick ratio of 20.4% and Double Time is sitting at 42.1%. However, due to Combat Scout having a 31.8% pick ratio in slot 3, Cold-Blooded has rocketed to 29.5%.

This makes sense as Cold-Blooded completely negates the effects of the brand new perk, stopping Combat Scout users from receiving the X-ray highlight an enemy.

A lot of players have already begun to complain about the power level of Combat Scout, so it’ll be interesting to see if Raven Software decides to make any changes.

Combat Scout perk
Double Time remains the most popular perk in slot 1.

While it’s clear Warzone players are enjoying the new variety of perks on offer when heading into Verdansk, not everybody in the community is happy about having to run Cold-Blooded.

On top of this, some players are concerned that Combat Scout completely nullifies the effectiveness of smoke grenades, limiting players who run that type of equipment for cover.

For now, all the community can do is adjust to the meta and see if the devs decide to implement any nerfs to Combat Scout.

Who knows, before long, Cold-Blooded could takeover Double Time in popularity if Combat Scout continues to be picked.