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Warzone fans convinced that streamers use VPNs to find easier lobbies

Published: 27/Dec/2021 22:38

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players are constantly bringing up new conspiracy theories to debunk methods to get easier lobbies, but now fans are convinced that streamers are just using VPNs to do so. 

When loading into a Warzone game, players are matched up with others to fill out the 150 slots.

Each of those opponents has a K/D ratio and the game is supposed to find the fairest lobby possible for all players.

However, when OpTic Hitch tweeted asking if streamers are using VPNs it would appear that nearly everyone is sold on the fact popular streamers are using this method.

Warzone players think streamers use VPNs for easy lobbies

In the past, Warzone devs were accused of “whitelisting” streamers so they could get easier lobbies and put on a show for their audience.


However, people are now convinced that it is just VPN usage from these popular Warzone personalties. VPNs allow you to set your location to a specific place in the world and only get games on those servers.

This means that streamers can get into lobbies in smaller regions and different time zones, which could mean finding lower K/D lobbies. In response to Hitch’s tweet, numerous people replied that they think the majority of streamers are using VPNs to put them in “bot lobbies.”

Comments ranged from, “The vast majority,” to “10% max,” but the common ground is that people believe that there are streamers using it. One person even claimed to have been using a VPN themself and running into some top names. “I got in a VPN lobby with WarsZ, bbreadman, and JoeWo, so one of them definitely.”


Warzone VPNs
WZ Stats
Here is a look at some of TeeP’s recent Warzone matches, you can see the average K/D bounce from game to game.

We can check WZ Stats and take a look at some of the top players and their recent average K/D lobbies. Most fluctuate throughout the day but fans still think the K/D is too low.

There is no way to concretely tell if they are actually using VPNs as they could be using some other tricks like only playing during the morning, but community members are sounding off on the trend.