Nadeshot discusses rumors Warzone players are switching regions for easier lobbies

. 2 years ago
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There is speculation that Warzone players have been switching regions to find easier lobbies and achieve high-kill games. Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag discussed the rumors on stream with fellow content creator Mason ‘Symfuhny’ Lanier.

As Warzone is a Battle Royale, it provides a very different gameplay experience to Black Ops Cold War. Typically, it’s harder to get a lot of kills in Warzone as most of the players are spread out across a massive map. Of course, this is not always the case, with highly skilled players setting unbelievable kill records that seem impossible for casual players to achieve.

These records are typically set in lobbies with a lot of low-skilled players or more commonly known as bot lobbies. As matchmaking is random, it’s luck of the draw finding the perfect lobby to achieve a record-setting game.

Well, there’s speculation that some Warzone players are forcing themselves into easier lobbies by switching regions.

YouTube: Apollo432/Infinity Ward
The Warzone Solos kill record is currently held by Aydan with a total of 60 in a single match.

Nadeshot discusses region switching rumors

There’s been speculation in the Warzone community that certain players may be switching regions to find easier lobbies more frequently. By doing this, they can get extremely high-kill games consistently.

This is of course an issue for certain tournaments that judge players based on how many overall kills they can acquire over a set amount of Warzone games.

Nadeshot discussed the issue on stream with Symfuhny, stating that he’d heard a tonne of speculation that players were switching regions for easier lobbies: “Well from what I’ve heard there’s a tonne speculation that players are geo-forcing their routers into different regions so that they can have easier lobbies”.

As shown in the clip, Symfuhny does let off a little laugh after Nadeshot mentions the region switching issue. It’s difficult to tell whether this means Symfuhny knows more than he is letting on or it is just coincidental.

This does beg the question, which records have been set using this method?

Either way, this is definitely something tournament organizers should look into to maintain fairness and competitive integrity. It’s extremely important every single player in a competition is on a level playing field.

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